Empowering Communities
by Building People

Who We Are

Our mission

The mission of Tabernacle Community Development Corporation is to assist communities by building people. The objective is to help eliminate poverty as well as social exclusion by improving the social, educational and economic infrastructure which will lead to self-sufficiency.

Our History

The Tabernacle Community Development Corporation (TCDC) works to eliminate poverty as well as social exclusion by improving the educational, social and economic infrastructure which leads to self-sufficiency.

Established in 2014, TCDC was created with the vision to “Assist Communities by Building People”.  We are engaging in community revitalization in the Jeff-Vander-Lou, Fairgrounds, O’Fallon and Greater Ville neighborhoods.  TCDC assists people in transforming their lives by providing proper housing options, employment resources and opportunities that will improve and enhance their quality of life.

Our values

The Principles of The 3 E’s

Tabernacle Community Development Corporation programs are based on the “Principles of The 3 E’s” —


Knowledge is Power: The importance of furthering education (college, technical, or trade school) and its impact on one’s future career path is stressed.  The goal is to mentor and motivate individuals to become life achievers through education.


When individuals take control of their life and live it with purpose, it’s a life one can be proud of. This component includes knowledge of restoring and empowering one’s life through vision, mission, and goals.  “Living Your Life at Its Best” applies techniques on how to improve communication skills through true conversation and common courtesies of etiquette and manners.


Awareness of personal financial management as well as budgeting tools increases future planning,  financial security and sustainability. The focus is on components of wealth management and home ownership.  With literacy of finances and budgets, individuals can make life altering changes today and long into the future.

Administration & Staff

Andre Alexander


Alisha Hill


Ebonee Shaw


Marc Reid


Jami Scott


Board of Directors

Karma Edwards

Michael McCoy

Andre Alexander

Advisory Board

Tiffany Alexander

Kim Plank

Jeff Buck
Jerry Crylen


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