The Village

The Village is a comprehensive development area that includes housing, retail, and small business in the Jeff-Vander-Lou, Fairgrounds, O’Fallon, & Greater Ville neighborhoods. The Village meets the economic development, job creation, and business service needs of community. The plan is guided by growth and development in an organized and equitable manner over the next 10 to 20 years – informed, determined, and prioritized by residents and stakeholders living and working in the area.

The Village is meant to establish a thriving residential community with a diversity of development types, creating a sense of place, and promoting local investment and economic growth. The plan is a critical step toward reinvested, strong, and connected neighborhoods.

This expansion is designed to be self-sustaining and provide an inviting, relaxing, Christian-focused, neighborhood-centered environment for North Saint Louis. The Village will satisfy the needs of businesses and economic development, provide quality products at competitive pricing, offer a comfortable place to socialize with others, and be a safe place for youth to connect for positive, fun activities.


  • A cafe serving fresh coffee, specialty drinks, and food items
  • Developmental games and activities for children, youth, and adults
  • A seasonal farmers’ market and restaurant options
  • Community classes such as nutrition, budgeting, and finance management
  • Retail options and specialty shops
  • A social incubator for community non-profits/businesses
  •  A health clinic and additional specialty healthcare services

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