Affordable Rental Program (ARP)

Tabernacle Community Development aims to be a leader in creating affordable housing in the 3rd Ward of St. Louis.  Providing quality housing affordably is a catalyst for rebuilding the community.


  • Revitalize physical structures in the community for safe occupancy
  • Stabilize families by reducing monthly housing expenses
  • Connect residents to needed resources to assist them in being productive neighbors
  • Attract potential funders and stakeholders
  • Expand the program beyond the pilot locations currently in The Ville and Jeff Vanderlou communities.
  • Employ community and surrounding area residents for renovation, repair/maintenance, and lawn care services


  • Comprehensive background check
  • Completed application
  • Mandatory attendance at scheduled classes, seminars, and volunteer opportunites


  • Affordable rental rates
  • Improved life and social skills
  • Participants develop a plan to maintain a better lifestyle

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