Valuable Scholarship

An education in today’s society is imperative to build a sound future. One of the biggest obstacles high school students face is the daunting task of securing financial resources to cover the cost of higher education.

TCDC and The Tabernacle have partnered to offer scholarships to two African-American seniors in high school in order to assist with post-secondary education.


Award 1: 1 year $1,000

Award 2: 1 year $1,000


To apply, students must submit the following on or before March 31st 2023.

“I know that I am a valuable individual and my future is full of opportunities.  Here is why I should be awarded this scholarship…”

OR       “This is what makes me valuable…”

Please submit application materials to:

Scholarship Committee
Tabernacle Community Development Corporation
3801 Ashland Avenue
St. Louis MO 63107
T: (314) 643-6624

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